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Inventor and Founder of Season Shot


Season Shot is a revolutionary new form of ammunition invented by Brett Holm in 2005. Along with David Feig, Brett formed Season Shot Inc. to market and sell this ammo to hunters everywhere. Brett and David desire to see hunters get the most out of their experience and to see our environment recieve the care it deserves. Read how this idea was formed below.

I was watching a friend prepare a game bird for dinner. Mindful of the dental damage steel shots can cause, he started by discarding portions of the bird - too small, too much trouble. Then, to my amazement, he took the breast and started to mash it. Here a BB, there a BB - If he misses any the dentist is sure to know. What started out as a game bird, became a small pile of glop. Grab a bottle, a top, and a label, and you got baby food. DANG!

I left my friend to his dining experience, went home, and started testing. A little of this, a little of that, a dash or two of such and such, gun powder, a shell, hardened seasoned pellets BANG! The bird falls down - the seasoned pellets are in place. The heat from the stove melts the pellets. The result? Nibbles of wings and drummies, chunks of breast - no glop. No glop. No dentist. Hello world! Let’s eat!

As news of my invention spread, the reactions from hunters and non-hunters alike have been electrifying - first amusement, then amazement.

“This is going to change hunting everywhere. All I wanted was some nice bites of bird, free of any steel. Apparently, I am not alone."

“Why didn’t I think of that?" people would say.

“It’s so simple."

“When can I buy some?"

One person said, “My friend has game farms, they’ll stock it."

Others ask, “Can we get honey mustard? Cajun? Sweet and sour? I like teriyaki."

“You gotta notify the press. Have you contacted the Discovery Channel, New York times?"

“Do you have French seasoning? Game bird hunting is popular in France."

One person asked, “What kind of seasoning to they use in Argentina?"

The comments we continually get have been non-stop, light-hearted, and compelling.

North South East West

Seasoned Chunks at Tables
From Canada to Uruguay From France
To Thailand from the Aleutians Archipelago to Guam

From Sea To Shining Sea

Basil Anybody?
HEY! Anybody got the thyme?

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